PMMA (Acrylic)

  • Introduction of Acrylic Material

     The acrylic material is Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) that is called "organic glass" and a widely used over one hundred years. Acrylic acid and its derivatives were well known by the 1890's.
The basis for modern polymers of acrylic was the work of Dr. OTTO ROHM, in Germany in 1901. Dr. OTTO ROHM produced solid transparent polymers/resins of acrylic acid in laboratory. ROHM & HAAS A.G. produced POLYMETHYL ACRYLATE as ACRYLOID and PLEXIGUM Molding Powder in 1927.
The full-scale production did not begin until 1931 when the first acrylic product to be used in any volume was Perspex in the U.K. and Plexiglas in America. With many competitors, such as PERSPEX, ICI, on the commercial process for POLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE, Plexiglas took the license to produce the cast sheet in Germany and Acrylic plastics in sheet, profiles, granules and molding powder were available by 1937.
    During the world war II, acrylic products was used to replace the conventional glass window in the aircrafts and tanks because of its optical clarity, light weight, ability to be heat-formed, and shatter resistance. The first acrylic bathtub was made in 1948, which is a milestone of household appliance with the acrylic material.
In 1960s the acrylic material was gradually accepted in the civil industries and is widely used nowadays.
The fields of application of acrylic material at present are Construction Industry, Mechanic and Instrument industry, Aerospace and Transportation Industry, Electronic and Lighting Industry, Billboard and Signage, Telecommunication and House ware Industry.

  • The Applications of Acrylic

Acrylic is widely used in various industries:
-Building industry: bathroom equipment and accessories, doors and windows, partitions and stepped waist panels.
-Mechanical instrument industry: machine covers and accessories, watch glass scale plates, fan blades, relay covers.
- Component of signal lights, indicators and windshields for Avionics, vehicles, aircraft and ships
-Advertising signs: advertising boards, signboards, signage
-Others: gifts, crafts, stationery, optical products, etc.
-Acrylic is used as a lighting material to replace crystal glass, PVC, PS and other materials, and is also used in lighting accessories such as lampshades.

  • Characteristics:

A. High light transmittance and excellent weather resistance.
B. Lightweight and good temperature resistance.
C. It has great chemical resistance and can maintain a crystal-like texture for a long time.
D. Excellent processability